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Back on Track

Over the summer our team worked on getting all of the scenes blocked out and into Unreal Engine.  We also made changes to the script in order to make the story more cohesive.  As the school year begins, our team is moving full steam ahead.  With the start of full production, our team’s next steps will be asset creation, SFX testing, and laying out plans for lighting and texturing.  Within the story side of our project, we will also be performing/recording a full read-through of the revised script, creating a more unified storyboard, and establishing where built-in intractable will be placed. Along with the production, our team will be communicating regularly with a group of sound students who have expressed interest in work withing with us on the project. In order to get to know these students better within the current state of the Covid- 19 pandemic, we have sent out a survey which is designed to gauge their specialties, motivations, and interests. In addition, we plan to hold a zoom meeting soon where everyone will be able to introduce themselves and give their thoughts on the placed.

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