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Big Changes with Covid-19

Updated: May 13, 2020

With the country in pandemic, with the spread of Covid-19, the Digital Animations Center (DAC) and its students have had to make some big changes. As of March 13th, 2020 all of the University of Colorado Denver was closed to reduce the spread of Covid-19. This has left DAC students without direct access to the computer labs. Within the past week Train team has been making the transition to working from home, which has had its ups and downs. DAC faculty have been very helpful in providing resources such as remote capabilities and alternative assignments. As of today Train team of fully set of with remote access or home systems and we continue to move forward as planned. With the conclusion of today's meeting, we have 9 of the 12 train cars blocked out and we will be moving them into an Unreal Engine test scene soon. The concepts for the primary friend have been finalized and rough sculpts of his form and silhouette are being started. Character concepts for the two secondary friends are still in development, but coming to conclusion soon.

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